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Retailers are struggling to keep up with the digital revolution in Australia, it is becoming increasingly important that they stay ahead of the curve and come up with innovative ways to drive people back in store.

In an increasingly time poor world, customers want convenience on all fronts. One new method to introduce convenience for shoppers has been seen recently in Melbourne at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. Melbourne Central Shopping Centre launched their Retail Runner initiative towards the end of 2017.

Retail Runner caters to those shoppers who might want to go out for dinner after their shop or those who have to rely on public transport to get home. No one likes being that person who takes up a whole seat with their shopping bags on the bus ride home. Don’t forget carrying everything back home from the bus stop.

The Retail Runner aims to alleviate this issue. Consumers can shop like they normally would and then when it comes time to go home or onto their next adventure for the day, they can have their bags collected by shopping centre staff. These are then sent to a pick up point, where couriers will then come and deliver the shopping to the customer at the requested time.

All the while customers can communicate with their courier via an app to see where their bags are and let them know to drop off at a different time.

On the flip side, a similar initiative can be seen by grocery giants Woolworths and Coles, offering click & collect style services for online shopping. This service is almost the reverse of the above, but is still a prime example of retailers adapting to changing environments.

Shoppers do their shopping online, select a pick up time that works for them and collect their shopping which is delivered to designated locker locations. Great and convenient for those who work in cities and want to collect their shopping on the way home.

It’s all about convenience and removing the elements of the shopping experience that might be an annoyance to customers. This service is a prime example of retailers doing that little bit extra to win people back in store.

Retailers need to realise their customers are changing and they need to grow with it. Those retailers who are trying to stay ahead of the curve by adding those extra value experiences to the retail experience, will go much further then those who choose to stay as is.

Wayne Wang, CEO of Go People

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