The Importance of Time Slot Deliveries in the On-Demand Economy


Convenience for the individual is the go-to concept in the digital revolution. In a world where everything from our food to our car ride needs to be instant, businesses offering their customers the ability to choose when they want their purchases delivered has never been more important.

When you allow your customers to choose their delivery time slot, you’re handing them convenience on a platter. People simply don’t have the time in their day anymore to wait for a delivery and the rapid rise of the On-Demand Economy has left them feeling as if they don’t have to. That’s precisely why companies like Woolworths and Harvey Norman have recently introduced timeslots into their delivery options.

Standard delivery times such as “next day” won’t cut it for a lot of customers anymore. Today’s consumers are demanding 1-3 hour, evening and same-day delivery in addition to next-day and standard delivery.

According to our research 50% of Aussie consumers say same-day delivery is important to them when choosing where to shop. Again, this rises to 69% amongst 18-24 year olds and 59% for 25-34 year olds. For those businesses not offering the convenience of same-day delivery, over one in ten (12%) Aussie customers will abandon their online shopping cart for a faster alternative.

Many businesses already have a time slot system in place – so why not hand the choice over to your customers? Give them a sense of control and they’ll appreciate the convenience and keep coming back.

You may think it’s hard enough to have parcels delivered within a day, so why take on the impossible task of promising the arrival of deliveries within a small and immediate window of time?

Technology is quickly offering businesses and retailers more affordable options to be able to meet the demands of today’s ‘I-want-it-now’ consumers. Getting deliveries out on time doesn’t have to be a challenge and countless small businesses are already reaping the benefits.

What are the benefits of time slot deliveries?

Having a specific timeslot gives the sender and receiver peace of mind knowing when their order is going to be shipped and delivered. Businesses and their customers need to feel safe in the knowledge that they’re controlling when orders are being sent out or when they’ll be delivered.

Knowing exactly when they’re going to receive their goods increases customer satisfaction and confidence, while providing a positive brand experience. Businesses that offer 3-hour delivery services are now preferred by one in five (19%) Aussie shoppers. It’s so appealing that almost a third (32%) of Aussie consumers are willing to pay extra for the convenience.

Adopting the On-Demand delivery model through time slots has seen a huge drop in businesses’ non-deliveries, resulting in big savings by driving down total delivery costs (TDC).  Retailers can then use this experience to further adjust their business operations to increase delivery and logistics efficiency.

Getting delivery right is critical for businesses to continue to grow in today’s uncertain economic environment but the whole process needs to be flexible, efficient and time-saving. It is becoming a key differentiator for retailers, creating loyalty amongst customers, as well as ensuring repurchase intent. After all, a happy customer is a good customer.

Wayne Wang is the CEO of crowdsourced delivery firm, Go People.


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