Tackling the trials of “Takeback Tuesday” to solve the riddle of returns


As workers headed back to their desks on Tuesday 2 January they did so bearing (unwanted) gifts – the estimated record 15-20% of purchased goods destined to be returned to online retailers following the festive season. Already suffering from the January blues after the fun of the holidays, customers are not in the best frame of mind to deal with the trials of what has been dubbed “Takeback Tuesday”; they simply want to be able to return their goods for a refund or replacement with the minimum of effort.

For retailers, their success in handling the increasing volume of product returns is becoming a critical competitive challenge that can make or break their reputation. Add to this the sheer resources needed to process returns on this scale and it’s clear that sharpening up the reverse supply chain will be a priority that continues to top retailers’ agendas.


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