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Graham Best, CEO of ReBOUND, Joins My Logistics Magazine’s team of thought leaders

An experienced supply chain professional, for over 25 years Graham Best has driven innovation and fresh thinking, positively disrupting traditional models to rethink and re-engineer solutions to allow his clients to do business better.

Graham spent 10 years working with manufacturing and distribution companies globally, and a further 10 years specialising in inventory management as European Director of a global software company before he launched TSB Supply Chain in 2006, where he focused on providing specialist supply chain services and outsourcing.

His passion for pioneering solutions saw him focus very specifically on the managed returns sector though, and to launching ReBOUND in May 2013. The company offers innovative cross-border returns management solutions for clients across the e-commerce sector, including retailers, manufacturers, and carriers.

Driven by a belief in business being a win:win, Graham and his team have evolved their groundbreaking software platform to offer the ultimate ease for end consumers to return items, transparency and intelligent insights for retailers, and a recognised position as global leaders for his company.

Graham is now working with his clients to provide them in-depth data around their returns, allowing them to make commercial decisions and to understand the full buying behaviours of their customers for the first time ever. This level of insight has never been seen before and has the power to truly revolutionise the industry.

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