How to Get Hired: Job Interview Tips

Here are our tips for you to use at your next job interview.
How to Get Hired: Job Interview Tips

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the interview round. The nerves may be starting to kick in, but don’t worry! We have some fantastic job interview tips for you to use.

Know who you are going to see

It is important that you are aware of who you will be meeting with for the interview. It will not only help you to appropriately address them, but it will also allow you to perform research before the meeting to learn more about them and their position within the organisation.

Know your CV

I can’t emphasise this enough: know your CV! By this stage, the employer will have gone through your CV several times and will ask you questions about it.

Understand what the company does

Do some research on the company! Make sure you understand exactly what this business does and the markets in which they operate. Be prepared to answer, “What does XYZ do?”

Prepare for questions

This is a tricky one; how are you meant to know what questions will be asked? You don’t. However, our advice is to practise what you anticipate being asked.

• In five years, where do you see yourself?
• What value can you contribute to the organisation?
• What makes you the best candidate for the job?
• What do you consider to be your greatest weakness?

These are only broad questions, but you get the idea.

Don’t smoke prior to your interview as non-smokers might find this off putting

This is a very basic one, yet so many people still do it. The smell of smoke may be quite unpleasant to an employer or their workers, especially if they are non-smokers! So, no smoking before the interview; save it for later.

During your interview

Remember to be calm, collected, and, most importantly, yourself during the interview. Here’s a shortlist of pointers to keep in mind throughout your interview:

  • Smile, firm handshake and good eye contact
  • Speak clearly and fluently
  • Show interest and enthusiasm
  • Ask any questions that are relevant to the company – maybe prepare some typed questions on what you want to ask
  • Pause if unsure about a question to collect your thoughts before answering
  • Stay professional at all times
  • Listen carefully
  • Be confident and polite
  • Don’t be frightened to ask for clarification if unsure
  • Never criticise a past job or employer
  • Don’t talk salary until the employer expresses interest in you or until they initiate the conversation
  • Tell the employer you’re interested and ask for the job – don’t be afraid to tell them that you want the job

Note from Author, Caroline Seear

I hope you have found these job interview tips useful and good luck at your job interview! If you need any advice or assistance with your job search, we are specialist recruiters that are here to look after your needs and not our own. For more information, head over to our website.

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