How to Improve Your Own Online Presence

Here are a few things you can do to improve your own online presence and make sure you stand out as a top candidate.
How to improve your own online presence

We all google our name from time to time and if you’re applying for jobs you probably won’t be the only one, your potential employer will most likely be doing the same. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to improve your own online presence and make sure you stand out as a top candidate.

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to google yourself and see what information is visible to the public. See where your name shows up and make sure it’s all good news! Go on to either cleaning up or editing your privacy settings for your personal & professional accounts.

Complete your Social Profiles

LinkedIn will offer you the most in-depth profile and will provide an opportunity for you to show off your personality, experience and accomplishments in the most professional way. Whilst taking the time to fill out each section as thoroughly as you can, consider:

  • Being specific about your location & industry
  • Adding keywords to your profile for SEO
  • Customising your profile URL

Although Facebook and Twitter are also great networks for job searching, the line between business and personal can easily become blurred. If these networks are more personal to you, it’s a good idea to keep them separate and private, if so don’t forget your profile picture, cover photo and bio will be visible to everyone.

Do more than just tell people about your work, show them through visuals and links! By taking advantage of the opportunities to showcase your work on LinkedIn, you’ll help people to get a more extensive picture of your experience. Upload media such as photos, videos, links, documents or presentations.

Manage your LinkedIn endorsements and ask for recommendations

Having “positive reviews” on your LinkedIn profile can go a long way in adding credibility to your profile. Recommendations can be looked at in the same way as references from your previous employers, only these references are coming from your peers, this is surely an interesting perspective for anyone looking to see how well you will fit into their team.

If you’re asking someone to give you LinkedIn recommendations, give back, write them one too and endorse a couple of their skills.

Engage with relevant associations and online business networking groups

As you expand and interact with your network, you will not only be gaining valuable information, you’ll be building high ranking search results for yourself, most likely resulting in an increase in traffic to your own profiles.

Get involved in a group or association’s networking opportunities and contribute to their online discussions, by doing this you’ll be able to take advantage of their already strong web presence and associate your search results with influential names in your industry.

Promote your Social Profiles

You’ve done all the hard work on your social profiles, now it’s time to increase their visibility by utilising the free advertising spaces that are available to you.

Cross-promote on your social networks:

  • Use the ‘About Me/ Website/ Bio’ field to link to your other social profiles
  • Occasionally create posts inviting your followers to find you on other social networks

Whether you’re sending an email to apply for a job or speaking to an employer/ recruiter, add your social links to your email signature for an extra opportunity to promote your profiles.

Create your own website/online career portfolio

Depending on whether this is relevant to you or your industry, consider creating a portfolio website to showcase your career history, strengths, passions and projects. Not only will you be able to include all the information a potential employer would want to see in one place, but you’ll also be able to get creative and show your work in a way that reflects you.

Note from Author

In a competitive job market, employers will often perform a social media background check of potential candidates to verify the information included on a CV is accurate and to check their level of professionalism online. Our experienced career consultants can review your social media and search engine results to ensure you are giving a great first impression online and improve your own online presence. Whether you are a management, executive or C-Level professional, contact us at Executive CV Writing to find out more.

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