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Logistics UK welcomes independent net zero review

Logistics UK welcomes the Skidmore Net Zero Review report which recognises the opportunities and challenges for the logistics sector to decarbonise.  
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Logistics UK today (13 January 2023) welcomes the publication of the independent Skidmore Net Zero Review report and is encouraged to note the report’s recognition of the opportunities and challenges for the logistics sector to decarbonise.  

Deputy Director of Policy at Logistics UK, Michelle Gardner, comments: “The logistics industry is keen to play its role in the decarbonisation agenda, however as a highly complex industry, this will not happen overnight. Logistics UK is encouraged by the review’s recognition of the opportunities and challenges involved and welcomes a number of recommendations – aimed at supporting industry on this journey – made within the report. 

“Logistics, like many other sectors of the UK economy, is facing increasing cost pressures and Logistics UK has long-called for greater certainty from government to allow businesses to plan and invest in the necessary technologies and infrastructure. We are therefore pleased that the review has recommended government provide this long-term certainty to allow businesses confidence in the knowledge that UK policy or funding will not rapidly change without very good reason. We hope this report will help shape future government policy.” 

Modal-shift has a significant role to play in the decarbonisation of industry and Logistics UK also welcomes the report’s recommendation that government should continue to work with the sector to set out a clear programme by 2024, to accelerate decarbonisation, building on the Future of Freight Plan. 

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