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Recent research commissioned by UKTI shows that global sales of sweets, chocolates and biscuits produced in Britain hit a record breaking high in 2014, having grown by £294m over four years to surpass the £1bn mark for the first time in history.[1]

The UK boasts an impressive range of home-grown confectionery brands, including a new wave of up-and-coming SMEs, whose very “Britishness” is helping them to cross international borders and supply their products to 150 countries worldwide.

With such a broad scope of destinations, logistics has a vital role to play in connecting UK SMEs with lucrative markets. Businesses in the confectionery sector should think about their supply chain and how the network should develop alongside the company’s international aims and objectives, utilising expert knowledge and insight where available.

As the following example shows, British craftsmanship has the ability to find an audience anywhere…and reap the rewards as a result.

Lauden Chocolate – an appetite for growth

Owned by true chocolate lovers, Lauden Chocolate believes its creations are an art form and has been producing high-end, fine chocolates for over six years. Founded by a husband and wife team Lauden Chocolate now exports around the world to countries including Russia, China and Japan.

After researching and refining the perfect blend of ingredients to create the ultimate chocolate experience, Lauden Chocolate only uses the highest quality ingredients by blending real fruit and the finest cacao to produce chocolates that not only look spectacular, but taste incredible. As well as capitalising on a unique Valentine’s Day tradition in Japan, where every business owner in the country gifts their employees with chocolates, Lauden Chocolate supplies a variety of premium retailers and Michelin-starred restaurants with its fine chocolates.

Beginning life in the founders’ home kitchen; Lauden Chocolate quickly expanded into a 600 sq ft unit and then a 3,000 sq ft unit and now employs six members of staff.

The shipping challenges

Chocolates are temperature sensitive and also require delicate handling which makes transporting them over long distances more challenging. When exporting, Lauden Chocolate packs its chocolates with ice packs, but to avoid melting, the temperature must remain constant throughout the journey. As an artisanal chocolate company with the highest standards, it’s crucial the chocolates arrive at the destination in precisely the same condition as they left. Given that Lauden Chocolate now exports around the world, this is no mean feat.

Why FedEx Express?

Lauden Chocolate delivers to locations both in the UK and abroad, and needs a logistics partner which can deliver its chocolates on time, and with the high quality of customer services associated with luxury brands. An ambitious company, Lauden Chocolate originally approached FedEx due to its worldwide reputation and the range of services it offers.

With its specialist expertise of delivering temperature and time-sensitive products, FedEx now transports Lauden Chocolate the world over, including to countries with hot climates. As a company which prides itself on quality, having this level of service is extremely valuable. The FedEx International Priority® service is particularly helpful, offering advanced shipment monitoring and personalised notification of critical shipments. Support is available round-the-clock, giving Lauden Chocolate peace of mind that its products are in safe hands throughout the shipping process.

Stephen Trigg, Artisan Chocolatier, Lauden Chocolate

“As a company with growing international ambitions, having a logistics provider which grants us access to new markets is incredibly valuable. Before working with FedEx, we found it challenging to ensure our chocolates arrived at their destination tasting – and looking – exactly as they should. Lauden Chocolate is a luxury brand and this needs to come across in every interaction we have with the public. When it comes to logistics providers, FedEx is undoubtedly a world leader. It is not only globally recognisable, but offers a premium service which reflects our core values as well.”



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