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Publishing Opportunities

Become a guest writer on My Logistics Magazine and share your industry expertise with our audience of logistics professionals and enthusiasts. We are always looking for high-quality, informative, and engaging articles that provide valuable insights on topics related to supply chain, logistics, and freight. 

Why be a guest writer on My Logistics Magazine? 

  • Expand your reach: Showcase your expertise to a wide audience of logistics professionals, industry stakeholders, and enthusiasts. 
  • Thought leadership: Establish yourself as a thought leader in the logistics field by sharing your knowledge and unique insights. 
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your professional network within the logistics community. 
  • Promote your brand: Gain visibility for your personal brand, business, or organisation through author bylines and bios. 

My Logistics Magazine covers a broad range of logistics-related topics, including but not limited to: 

  • Logistics technology and digital innovations 
  • Sustainable practises and environmental initiatives in logistics 
  • Real-world case studies and success stories 
  • Women’s contributions and advancements in logistics 
  • Logistics industry trends and future predictions 
  • Career advice and professional development in logistics 
  • Logistics best practises, strategies and optimisation 
  • Charitable initiatives and social responsibility in logistics 

Our coverage extends to various sectors, including but not limited to: 

  • Air Freight 
  • Rail Freight 
  • Road Freight 
  • Sea Freight 
  • Courier, Express & Parcel 
  • Customs 
  • Port Operations 
  • Supply Chain 
  • Warehouse, Storage & Handling 

Guidelines for Submission

  • Quality and relevance: Ensure that your article is well-researched, informative, and relevant to our audience. Articles must be about sharing knowledge, information, and ideas with our readers, not about promoting a single business, product or service. To post sponsored content, please see our advertising options here
  • Length: Articles should typically be between 500 to 1500 words.  
  • Style and formatting: Use a clear and engaging writing style, with proper headings, subheadings, and formatting for readability.  
  • Image: Images must be included and have a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1920.  
    • Please avoid vector based or outdated images.  
    • If using free stock photo sites, such as Pexels, Pixabay or Flickr, please choose relevant quality open-source images.  
  • Citations and references: If you include data, quotes, or references, please provide proper citations and sources.  
  • Author bio: Include a brief author bio (approximately 2-3 sentences) along with a headshot and any relevant social media or website links.  

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