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DHL chooses Austria for EU Air Freight post-Brexit

DHL Air Austria will now operate European cargo flights with 18 Boeing 757 freighters that were formerly registered in the UK post-Brexit. 
DHL chooses Austria for EU Air Freight post-Brexit

DHL, which operates approximately 100 aircraft across Europe, has announced the launch of DHL Air Austria. The new cargo airline, located in Vienna, will now operate European cargo flights with eighteen Boeing 757 freighters that were formerly registered in the UK post-Brexit. 

Dr Magnus Brunner, State Secretary for Aviation, made the following remarks: “The new airline DHL Air Austria is an important boost for our aviation industry and the domestic economy. The location decision for Austria is a strong signal for our country. The new headquarter at Vienna International Airport will also create an important value for the region.”

Barbara Achleitner, MD of DHL Air Austria said: “The establishment of DHL Express’ first Austrian airline and the receipt of all licenses is a historic moment for all of us. The efficient implementation of this important milestone would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our team and, above all, without the great support of the responsible ministry as well as Austro Control. 

“It makes us particularly proud that we have managed such enormous achievements together as a team within nine months and that we are creating 54 new jobs at our headquarters at Vienna International Airport.” 

According to DHL, Austria was chosen for EU Air Freight post-Brexit because of its stable economic and political climate, central European location, and strong reputation in the aviation industry.

Dr Valerie Hackl, Managing Director of Austro Control, confirms this: “I am particularly pleased that with DHL Air Austria we can welcome another airline to the Austrian aircraft register. I would like to thank DHL Express for the good and professional cooperation, which has made it possible to complete this process so quickly and efficiently,”

“It is also a sign of the high quality of our aviation authorities and a consequence of the high quality of service we offer our customers every day that more and more renowned airlines are finding their way to Austria. We have earned this excellent international reputation in recent years, and we intend to continue along this path in the future as a modern and service-oriented aviation authority.” 

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