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Port of Rotterdam

Condor H2 pushes emission-free shipping

40+ partners launch Condor H2 project for emission-free shipping with hydrogen. A major step towards a greener maritime industry.

Over 40 partners have embarked on an ambitious project aimed at achieving emission-free inland and near-shore shipping through the use of hydrogen. Known as the Condor H2 project, this initiative sets a goal of enabling the operation of 50 emission-free vessels by 2030, driving a significant transition towards greener maritime transportation.

At the core of the Condor H2 project is a dedicated Steering Group, consisting of the Provincie Zuid-Holland, Port of Rotterdam, WaterstofNet, and Rabobank. These key stakeholders are working together to create an ecosystem that supports the adoption of hydrogen as a sustainable energy source for shipping.

The project’s primary objective is to develop the necessary infrastructure and technologies to facilitate the emission-free sailing of vessels. By leveraging hydrogen fuel cells, ships can operate without producing harmful carbon emissions, significantly reducing their environmental impact.

By partnering with a diverse range of stakeholders, including shipbuilders, logistics companies, research institutions, and governmental bodies, the project seeks to foster a comprehensive and integrated approach towards sustainable shipping practises.

One of the key advantages of hydrogen as a fuel source is its versatility and potential for scalability. The Condor H2 project aims to establish a robust hydrogen supply chain, including production, storage, and distribution facilities, to ensure the availability of hydrogen for the participating vessels. By creating a sustainable ecosystem, the project intends to overcome the challenges associated with the widespread adoption of hydrogen-powered ships.

The successful realisation of the Condor H2 project will not only benefit the environment but also unlock economic opportunities and enhance the competitiveness of the shipping industry. The adoption of hydrogen as a fuel source can lead to improved air quality, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, and a more sustainable and resilient maritime sector.

As the project progresses, the group will continue to collaborate, innovate, and overcome challenges to achieve the shared vision of emission-free shipping. By leveraging the expertise and resources of each stakeholder, the Condor H2 project aims to set a benchmark for sustainable shipping and inspire positive change across the industry.

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