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Delivery giant Tuffnells enters administration

The Sheffield-based delivery company, Tuffnells, enters administration, resulting in over 2,000 employees being made redundant.
Image: Eddie. Flickr

Tuffnells, a large Sheffield-based delivery company, has entered administration, resulting in over 2,000 employees being made redundant. The administrators have announced that only 128 staff members will be retained amidst the company’s restructuring process.

With a network of 33 depots across the UK, Tuffnells has been responsible for handling goods and providing delivery services to over 160 destinations worldwide. The company specialised in distributing mixed freight and efficiently managing items with irregular dimensions and weight, operating under the brand name “Big Green Parcel Machine.”

Tuffnells had been facing financial challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, rising operational costs, and heightened competition, necessitating external funding.

The appointment of administrators from Interpath Advisory took place on Monday, after Tuffnells failed to secure the required financial support. Consequently, all deliveries have been suspended until further notice, leading to a period of uncertainty for customers.

Rick Harrison, one of the administrators and a managing director at Interpath, expressed sympathy for the affected workforce, acknowledging the challenging situation. Due to the suspended deliveries and the absence of immediate prospects for their resumption, a significant number of staff members had to be made redundant.

Efforts will be made to support employees in navigating the process of claiming redundancy payments from the state’s redundancy payments office, as stated by Mr. Harrison. The administrators also aim to minimize disruptions for customers during this transitional phase.

Customers should be aware that all Tuffnells transport hubs and depots have been closed indefinitely. The administrators, including Howard Smith, have assured that their team will be in contact with customers in the coming days to arrange parcel collection procedures.

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