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Bis Henderson launches “Breathing Space” campaign

Bis Henderson Space launches “Breathing Space” a multi-media campaign promoting its innovative Managed Warehouse Solutions concept. 
Bis Henderson launches “Breathing Space” campaign

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Supply chain and logistics specialist, Bis Henderson Space, has launched “Breathing Space”, a major multi-media campaign promoting its innovative Managed Warehouse Solutions concept. 

“Breathing Space” reflects the freedom of a ‘Pay-as-you-need’ pallet storage model that allows businesses to flex their storage capacity according to immediate needs – giving organisations the agility to grow and respond swiftly to new opportunities with less exposure to risk. Scaleability is intrinsic to this concept, as anywhere from 5 to 50,000 pallets can be accommodated on a ready-to-go basis.

The marketing initiative is aimed at promoting the benefits of flexible storage to businesses of all sizes that require additional storage space to secure growth or to provide greater agility at peak. The model allows businesses to de-risk their operating model by hiring space only as and when they need it – avoiding the commitment and constraints of a long-term leasing agreement.

Over 4.5 million sq ft of “Breathing Space” is available and readily accessible across the UK and Ireland – from Greater London, the South West, Wales and the Midlands… to Northern England, Humberside, Yorkshire and Scotland. Space when and where businesses need it.

The Breathing Space marketing campaign driving awareness for this concept, is the most extensive multi-media promotion undertaken by Bis Henderson Group to date, involving all the key digital channels, including paid search, LinkedIn, video content and digital advertising – devised and coordinated by award-winning brand development agency, Studio North, and supported by specialist logistics media relations agency, AMA PR.

Most industrial, manufacturing or retail businesses now need to be highly agile in the way they respond to changes within their markets, whether that be moving quickly to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise, or scaling back to save on costs. And that means storage space needs to flex with the business. Our solution gives businesses the ability to flex to market needs without major capital commitments to worry about or long-term leases and complex contracts – including stamp duty and dilapidation costs at the end – creating valuable ‘breathing space’ for decisionmakers.

With this concept, we provide complete flexibility, in terms of number of pallets to be stored, locations across the country and the length of time they’re on the books – fully managed warehouse solutions, with expert support throughout.

Long-leases, big overheads and onerous clauses can stifle growth. Our flexible solution gives businesses the breathing space to grow.

Steve Purvis, Managing Director at Bis Henderson Space

For further information visit: www.bis-hendersonspace.com

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