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DHL sustainability milestones unveiled at industry-first global summit

Discover DHL’s sustainability milestones, including carbon neutrality, electric vehicles, sustainable aviation fuel, and the GoGreen Dashboard at their global summit.
DHL Electric HGV
  • Deutsche Post DHL Group reaches impressive results with over 30,000 electric vehicles and over 830 million liters of sustainable aviation fuel secured in 2022
  • More than half of DHL Supply Chain facilities are carbon neutral
  • DHL launches GoGreen Dashboard for customers to streamline customer-facing reporting process
  • DHL hosts more than 1000 attendees for its first global summit, The Era of Sustainable Logistics, from April 25th-27th, 2023 in Valencia, Spain, the European Green Capital 2024

DHL has created a unique platform, the Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit 2023, for logistics and sustainability experts across industries to collaborate, develop innovative solutions, and take yet another step towards greener, cleaner logistics.

As part of the global summit, occurring from April 25th-27th, 2023, in Valencia – Europe’s Green Capital for 2024 – DHL is providing over 1000 decision makers, stakeholders and experts the opportunity to exchange ideas and insights, and co-create the future of global supply chains together.

The global summit also provides Deutsche Post DHL Group with a forum to update stakeholders on the progress of its sustainability roadmap with the key topics of electrification, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), carbon-neutral buildings, and alternative green services.

As we face the challenges of the climate emergency, it is clear that sustainability must be at the forefront of our efforts. By prioritizing cleaner, greener logistics and working together, I truly believe that we can drive meaningful progress towards achieving sustainable supply chains.

The DHL Era of Sustainable Logistics Global Summit 2023 is an opportunity for community building, and we are excited to be the ones to facilitate this summit; collaboration is a must to achieve progress. We owe it to future generations to take bold action and make commitments to protect our planet now.

Katja Busch, Chief Commercial Officer at DHL and Head of Customer Solutions and Innovation (CSI)

With the launch of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s 2050 Mission in March 2017– which is centered around the commitment to achieve net-zero emissions until 2050 – the Group has already accomplished significant milestones in their pursuit of that goal.

The Group is at the forefront of electrification, having already introduced over 30,000 e-vehicles in its delivery fleet worldwide, and ordered up to 12 fully electric cargo planes. Last year, the Group has also successfully secured over 830 million liters of SAF until 2026. But it is not only in transport that Deutsche Post DHL Group is adopting a sustainable approach. 

With DHL Supply Chain being the Group’s frontrunner in this area, more than half of their facilities (52.1 per cent) are carbon neutral, including 76 new buildings designed and built according to carbon-neutral guidelines. And likewise, for the Group’s customers, sustainable alternatives, the GoGreen Plus services, are offered for all core products and are already used by major customers to enable sustainable supply chains today and with many other customers in discussion.

Since the announcement of our sustainability roadmap in March 2021, we have already made significant progress in our journey towards a more sustainable future – with the deployment of electric vehicles, the purchase of SAF, the transformation and construction of carbon-neutral buildings, and the expansion of new green services.

While we are proud of the rapid progress we’ve made, we remain dedicated to exploring new technologies and partnerships to further create momentum to drive the green agenda forward.

Yin Zou, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Deutsche Post DHL Group

The Group recognizes the importance of collaboration in achieving sustainable logistics. In addition to the green services the company offers, the Group is empowering customers to reduce their carbon footprint by introducing the new DHL GoGreen Dashboard – a new seamless emissions reporting solution for Deutsche Post DHL Group’s large cross-divisional customers, which provides transparency according to recognized industry standards like the GLEC Framework or the recently published ISO 14083.

The solution enables customers to quickly and easily view carbon emissions for all of the Group’s business units through a single customizable platform – completely free of charge. This interface eliminates the need to access multiple systems and reports, making the reporting process more efficient and streamlined, which in turn leads to better informed decision-making. The tool will first be rolled out to the first top 100 cross-divisional customers with the intent to expand the scope later this year.

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