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GEODIS opens new cross-dock facility for Conforama in Poland

French home furnishings retailer benefits from new location for its consolidation of supplies from Eastern Europe operated by GEODIS.
GEODIS opens new cross-dock facility for Conforama in Poland

Conforama has partnered with GEODIS for both consolidation and distribution services to optimize and organize the delivery of its products manufactured and assembled at twenty sites in Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, before being distributed to its 167 retail outlets throughout France.

Operations that for Conforama have been carried out for the past eight years at the Wroclaw site have been transferred to a new location in Pietrzykowice in the southwestern region of Lower Silesia. The new 51,000 square meters (sqm) facility answers all Conforama’s needs. It also offers a possibility to extend the space by a further 17,000 sqm.

The site offers many advantages for Conforama, especially direct access to road networks for delivery to stores in France, and a modern construction with benefits in terms of energy savings and safe working conditions. Operationally, the facility has a greater storage capacity, more loading/unloading ramps and docks and the flexibility to better manage seasonal peaks in demand.

We are confident that the cross-docking operation in Poland will efficiently process products from multiple suppliers, consolidating them into loads for our individual outlets. The advantages of effective inventory management through GEODIS’ IT capabilities will also be beneficial to us.

Supply Chain Director of Conforama, François-Xavier Forestier

We would like to thank our client Conforama for the trust he has placed in us, which has resulted in the signing of a new long-term contract.

The implementation of this solution for Conforama has been possible thanks to the collaboration between the developer MountPark and GEODIS teams at Pietrzykowice whose work is proving once again our commitment and capacity to deliver the most appropriate solution in order to help our customers to grow their activities.

Olivier Royer, GEODIS Road Transport CEO
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